Best Independent Pubs in Berkshire

As the premier supplier of fruit machines and digital entertainment across Berkshire, London and the Home Counties, we’ve seen our fair share of pubs. Pubs that are independent and free-of-tie boast some of the most eclectic style, biggest variety of ales and the best character.

You won’t find the local ‘Spoons or the fancy gastropubs on this list. We’re only interested in the best independent drinker’s pubs in Berkshire. Those that sell quality ales, with no pretention. Continue reading…

Fruit Machine Hire and Rental in Buckinghamshire

TVC Leisure support independent pubs and clubs across Buckinghamshire with the best and latest fruit machines on the market.

Whether you’re located in Henley-on-Thames, Slough or Aylesbury, you can enjoy our premier service of high quality fruit machine supplies and regular preventative maintenance. As a leading supplier to pubs and clubs throughout Bucks, we offer competitive and flexible supply options of rental and revenue share.

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Fruit Machine Supplier to Pubs & Clubs in Oxfordshire

TVC Leisure support independent pubs and clubs across Oxfordshire with the latest, high performing fruit machines.

From Banbury to Henley-on-Thames and everywhere in between, we provide a 365 day a year service to make sure your fruit machines are in top condition. We stock the latest fruit machines, including Deal or No Deal and Cops ‘N’ Robbers. Our machines are fitted with note acceptors and recyclers as standard.

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To keep up customer engagement and entertainment, we regularly rotate your fruit machines. The fruit machine is still the most profitable four square feet in any pub. To make the most of your machines it’s important to ensure you’re providing a fresh experience to your customers. You can ensure this through regular updates and frequent machine rotation. This maximises your fruit machine revenue by always giving your customers something new and fresh to play.

To keep your fruit machines in the best possible condition, we will not only rotate your machines every 10-12 weeks, but also provide fortnightly preventative maintenance. No matter where in Oxfordshire you are, we will come out every two weeks to perform preventative maintenance and chat with you about any issues you may be facing.

Our competitive and flexible supply options give pubs and clubs in any situation access to the latest fruit machines either on rental or revenue share.

Rental options give you a fixed weekly rental cost for your fruit machine. You keep 100% of the revenue brought in by the fruit machine and you can easily build the rental costs into your budget. This option is perfect for businesses that get high rates of play on their fruit machines. The more players you have the more money you make.

Fruit machine revenue sharing gives you a great fruit machine at no initial cost. We will deliver and install the fruit machine at no cost to you and you simply pay a percentage of the revenue the machine earns to us. This is a great option for any business owner who wants to try a fruit machine for the first time or add a new machine without the worry of added costs.

Service Levels You Can Expect From TVC V2