Free from tie means a better service for Andover pub

Our latest install took us to Andover, in the heart of Hampshire. Our latest customer needed all new gaming and amusement machines.

The landlord had been tied on his choice of gaming machine supplier and serviced by a national company. They had become very frustrated with the poor levels of service. The equipment would regularly break down and would be out of order for days at a time.

Machines that are out of order are machines that are losing you money. Gaming and amusement machines are essential revenue streams for many pubs.

To fix his problem, the landlord decided to pay to remove himself from the gaming machine tie and shop around for a better deal.

We came highly recommended as we supply a number of the pubs and clubs in the area and sponsor the local pool league.

For this installation we installed a highly popular Batman fruit machine, a Casino King digital gaming machine, a Thunder digital jukebox and a 7’4 pool table.

“The equipment we used to have would regularly break down and be switched off for days and sometimes weeks as no one would come out to fix them. I’m very happy with my decision to buy myself out of the tie and change suppliers to TVC Leisure. The equipment has been well received by my customers and their service so far has been great.”

Dino – Pub Landlord

With new machines supported by our preventative maintenance, superior service levels and regular rotation, this pub has a reliable and profitable revenue stream once again. We’ll be checking in with the pub as part of our regular inspections to make sure everything is working at its peak and that our new customer is happy.

If you’re tired of unreliable machines and poor support, it’s time to make a change. Speak to us today and discover why so many pubs are buying themselves out of tie and looking for a better deal.

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