Why B3A Lottery Machines Are Ideal For Your Members Social Club

B3A Lottery Machine Suppliers

Lottery machines have been a feature of members only clubs for many years now. Many members welcome and expect the light relief, and high jackpot potential, that these machines represent. In addition, they also provide a fantastic extra revenue stream for any savvy members club manager. With a maximum jackpot of £500 and no VAT or MGD on takings, B3A lottery machines are a very appealing prospect for club clients and managers alike. Continue reading…

The Latest Digital Gaming Machines by Reflex Gaming and Storm Gaming

Reno and street casino cover

Digital Gaming machines have become a pub staple over recent years, and for good reason. Not only are they a welcome sight to many of your clients who like to keep busy while enjoying a pint but they’re also a fantastic additional revenue stream for you as a venue owner. Plus, as they’re available from us on a revenue share basis, they don’t even have to cost you a penny! Below you can find more information on a couple of our favourite digital gaming machines, their features and some new releases.

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TV and Projector Hire for Pubs and Clubs

TV and Projector Rental 2

TVs and projectors are an integral part of the modern pub and members club experience. Whether you’re using them to show sport, music videos or promotions for your venue your customers have come to expect them as a part of your entertainment offering. Of course, by providing your punters with another reason to visit, or stay for a few more drinks, they are a fantastic way of bolstering your income. Continue reading…

Pool Table Hire for Pubs and Clubs

Poll Table Hire From TVC

Pool tables are one of the most iconic and well loved items of pub and club entertainment, and for good reason. They give your customers a competitive, yet fun, way to pass the time while they put more of their money behind the bar. Of course, they also give you an easy to maintain and profitable extra revenue stream. Continue reading…

Digital Jukeboxes for Pubs and Social Clubs

Digital and Internet Jukebox hire

As a venue operator we’re sure you’re aware of the importance music plays in creating the correct atmosphere in your pub, club or other entertainment area. Plus, with 52% of customers now seeing technology as a central part of improving customer experience, it’s never been more crucial to combine the two and have a state of the art digital jukebox system in your venue.

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