Digital Jukeboxes for Pubs and Social Clubs

Digital and Internet Jukebox hire

As a venue operator we’re sure you’re aware of the importance music plays in creating the correct atmosphere in your pub, club or other entertainment area. Plus, with 52% of customers now seeing technology as a central part of improving customer experience, it’s never been more crucial to combine the two and have a state of the art digital jukebox system in your venue.

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Boost Your Business with a Pub Quiz Machine

Two women playing a pub quiz machine

Gaming and amusement machines are considered to be one of the most important extra revenue streams for many venue owners. They provide valuable entertainment to consumers, encouraging a playful, competitive atmosphere and come in a range of different styles and game modes.

One of newest products in this market is the pub quiz machine. These are digital terminals that use high definition touch screen technology and offer a wide selection of games. The popularity of pub quiz machines is growing steadily, and they are already widely sourced to clubs and pubs across the UK.

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Top Gaming Machines To Increase Revenue Available From TVC Leisure

coin success graph

Gaming machines such as fruit machines and club machines are hugely popular here in the UK, and offer a valuable source of income – and profit – for many venues.

This year the gaming industry has introduced a new wave of entertainment systems, offering a whole host of exciting game play features alongside the classic favourites.

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People Are Going Potty for Pool Table Hire from TVC

pool table hire

Pool tables have been a pub staple for almost half a century and for good reason. Not only do they provide entertainment for customers on the dullest of days but they also supply a convenient extra revenue stream for venue owners. In fact, some pool tables can make your average pub or bar owner up to an extra £1,000 a month!

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