Boost Your Business with a Pub Quiz Machine

Two women playing a pub quiz machine

Gaming and amusement machines are considered to be one of the most important extra revenue streams for many venue owners. They provide valuable entertainment to consumers, encouraging a playful, competitive atmosphere and come in a range of different styles and game modes.

One of newest products in this market is the pub quiz machine. These are digital terminals that use high definition touch screen technology and offer a wide selection of games. The popularity of pub quiz machines is growing steadily, and they are already widely sourced to clubs and pubs across the UK.

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Top Gaming Machines To Increase Revenue Available From TVC Leisure

coin success graph

Gaming machines such as fruit machines and club machines are hugely popular here in the UK, and offer a valuable source of income – and profit – for many venues.

This year the gaming industry has introduced a new wave of entertainment systems, offering a whole host of exciting game play features alongside the classic favourites.

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People Are Going Potty for Pool Table Hire from TVC

pool table hire

Pool tables have been a pub staple for almost half a century and for good reason. Not only do they provide entertainment for customers on the dullest of days but they also supply a convenient extra revenue stream for venue owners. In fact, some pool tables can make your average pub or bar owner up to an extra £1,000 a month!

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The New VenueHub Jukebox is Music to Venue Owner’s Ears

The VenueHub Digital Jukeboxes

Sound Leisure’s new, 2nd generation VenueHub Digital Jukebox is now available to hire from TVC leisure.

The latest VenueHub jukebox system is at the apex of digital jukebox hire technology. Its on demand service gives customers instant access to millions of tracks, more than any other jukebox system in the world, via an intuitive touch screen interface.

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New Royal £100 Machine Available From TVC

Royal 100 menuReflex Gaming’s new Royal £100 digital Category C gaming machine is now available through TVC Leisure.

The Royal £100 was released in December 2014, with TVC Leisure taking delivery of 2 of the first 10 machines to be available in the UK.

The 10 game digital compendium, housed in Reflex’s new Video Atom cabinet, is designed to appeal to both new and existing players.  It features a collection of popular traditional fruit machine games, a selection of low-tech slot machine style games as well as casino content such as Roulette and Poker.

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New Law Allows Venue Owners To Make More Money From Fruit Machines

new fruit machine jackpots uk

Earlier this year a new law was passed by the UK government allowing an increase in the maximum jackpot offered by both pub and club fruit machines. This allows pub and club owners to increase their revenue from gaming machines, but only if they use newer models.

The Categories of Gaming Machine (Amendment) Regulations 2014 took effect at midnight on the 14th of January and was welcomed by venue owners and associations alike.

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