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Is vaping allowed in pubs?

It’s been over ten years since the smoking ban came into action, changing the dynamic of social events and the behaviours of many pub goers all over the country. Yet there’s still confusion over what is and isn’t allowed in terms of vaping, and even whether it’s good or bad for you.

Is it illegal to vape in pubs?

Currently, it’s not actually illegal to vape inside a pub, so technically you can, however most establishments prefer those vaping to do so in designated smoking areas or outside the pub.

General consensus seems to be that it’s up to the pub whether they allow you to vape inside or outside. E-cigarettes tend to be permitted in more establishments than vapes or vaporisers as the amount of vapor created when using e-cigarettes is far less than a larger vaping device producing clouds of vape with every puff. Vaping can be banned, however, even though it’s not illegal to vape inside.

The Wetherspoons chain has banned vaping from inside any of their premises across the country, along with the Mitchell and Butlers brand who have also banned smoking in their pubs too. Many public transport companies have banned vaping, setting clear rules for those wanting to vape.

There is evidence that e-cigarettes are less harmful to your body than smoking traditional cigarettes, and with the rise of the vaping industry as a result, it has become an extremely popular alternative.

This topic is surrounded by debate, with many people suggesting that the evidence is not enough to make claims, and that vaping hasn’t been around long enough for any long-term studies to be carried out and properly investigated.

The uncertainty comes with concerns over the chemicals in the e-liquid itself, especially as there is nicotine in some e-liquids which we know is still a threat to the vaper’s health. Vaping is therefore regulated under the Tobacco Products Directive, meaning you still have to be over 18 to purchase and use.

The vaping industry is now worth a staggering £170 million a year despite it being a relatively new concept. There are many different types of devices including e-cigarettes, vapes and vaporisers, and an almost endless range of flavours and nicotine strengths, with the highest strength nicotine e-liquid in the UK being capped at 20mg for the consumers safety.

It’s best not to assume that vaping any device is accepted if you are in a pub, bar, or restaurant, however, if you’re unsure it’s worth asking the landlord or staff whether vaping is something they will allow.

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