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Club - Category B4 Fruit Machine Rental

Club fruit machines are available to licensed members clubs and social clubs only. Although similar in appearance to AWP's they have a much higher jackpot of up to £400. Most club fruit machine hire solutions offer variable stake options ranging from 10p - £2 and variable jackpot limits best suited to your business. As specialist fruit machine suppliers we can advise you on which option would be best suited to your business.

Similar to AWP's, club fruit machines can be played using either coins or notes. They can now also be fitted with note recyclers which enable them to payout prizes in notes and coins. All Category B4 machines are subject to 20% Machine Games Duty.

Fruit Machine Supply Options

We like to offer multiple fruit machine rental options that are best suited to your business. Your two rental options are:

Weekly Fruit Machine Rentals - Pay a fixed weekly rental and keep 100% of the money generated from your fruit machines.

Fruit Machine Revenue Share - Have the latest fruit machines installed completely free of charge and receive an agreed upon percentage of the money collected after the deduction of MGD due.

Contact your specialist fruit machine suppliers today for more information on our fruit machine rental services and a free, no obligation quote.


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