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Digital Jukebox Hire FAQ

Hiring a digital jukebox for your venue can be a profitable venture. Not only do they make a great focal point, they are a fantastic way of entertaining your customers who can select the music they want to listen to.

At TVC Leisure we supply a range of high earning digital touchscreen jukeboxes to pubs, bars and many different entertainment venues. If you’re considering hiring a digital jukebox – or already have one of our machines and would like more information – read our FAQs below:

What Jukebox Can I Hire?

We have a number of digital jukebox machines that you can choose from, all of which include popular features such as the ‘Time Machine’ which allows customers to search for songs by date. Whatever your requirements, we can provide the exact jukebox you want, with all of our machines being purchased from leading manufacturers to ensure optimum performance.

Do I Need A Licence To Hire A Jukebox?

Yes. Playing recorded music in a public place legally requires a licence. You will need a:

• PRS licence – This is a standard annual royalty fee for an audio jukebox. The fee is around £225 a year. Click here for more information.

What Features are Included on the Digital Jukeboxes?

Our jukeboxes come with standard features and settings, such as the ‘Time Machine’, as well as the ‘What’s On Guide’ and ‘Happy Hour’ options which can be programmed by staff.

How Many Songs Does The Jukebox Have?

The digital jukeboxes we supply feature around 50,000 music tracks. Once online, your customers can access over 100,000 songs. They can search for specific tracks, artists and albums quickly and easily using the touchscreen technology.

How Often Do I Get New Music?

Our machines are updated on a monthly basis, so all the latest music releases are added to your digital jukebox automatically.

Can I Choose The Music On My Jukebox?

Yes! The music profiling option on our digital jukeboxes allows you to select a track that you’d like to play. If you require timers and background music, let us know and we can make sure these are actioned during installation.

If your customers have requested a song that is not on the jukebox, let us know and we can try to include this track in the next update.

Can I Link The Jukebox To My TV?

Yes! This is a great way to maximise your cash box takings, as it adds an extra functionality. By linking your jukebox to your TV, you can display the music video for the chosen song, as well as adverts promoting your venue and services. Just let us know if you’d like your jukebox wired into your TV and we will make sure it’s included as part of the installation.

Can I Use My Jukebox For Karaoke Events?

Yes! All of our digital jukebox machines can be used to host bingo and karaoke events at your venue.

Is There An Installation Fee?

No. We provide free installation for your digital jukebox and all associated equipment. This is carried out by our qualified engineers.

Prior to installation, we will arrange a visit to your venue to discuss where your machine will be positioned, speakers, music profiling and time delay options. This is to ensure your digital jukebox is installed with all your requirements met.

Does A Jukebox Come With Outdoor Speakers?

Yes, we can install outdoor speakers in addition to your digital jukebox. This is a very popular request and outdoor speakers are a great way to increase cash box takings.

How Long Do I Get To Keep The Jukebox For?

You can keep your digital jukebox for as long as you need it. We regularly update all of our machines with the latest technology so you can be sure you’re always ahead of the curve.

What Happens If My Jukebox Becomes Faulty?

Our team of friendly and helpful staff are available 364 days a year, 9am – 10pm, so if your digital jukebox experiences a fault, get in touch with us right away. If site repair is needed we will send out our qualified technicians as soon as possible.

Get in touch with us today to discuss digital jukebox hire for your venue.

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