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Fruit Machine Placement for Maximum Profit and Exposure

Gaming machines such as fruit machines and quiz machines are huge assets to venue owners everywhere. Constant advancements in technology, higher jackpots and more exciting games means they bring in substantial profit for many bars, pubs and entertainment centres that have them on site.

However, a key part of fruit machine profitability is where they are placed. A lot of thought goes into the architecture of certain venues, and the placement of fruit machines within this is no exception.

If you are looking to hire a fruit machine for your venue, read on to find out more on the tricks involved in maximising exposure and profitability.

Fruit Machine Placement in Your Venue

At every step of the way you should be thinking about how your customers can get to the machine in your venue. Is it within their eye line when they enter your premises? Is it easily accessible? Is it placed in a position that allows for users to spend a long time gaming? Taking time to consider these elements can be the difference between a machine that makes money and a machine that makes a profit.

Crucial to successful fruit machine placement is creating a comfy nook that allows customers to have their own private space in your venue to play at their own leisure. Placing the machine so it sits against a wall is a good option. Too many surrounding walls, however, can be detrimental. Studies have shown that if too much sound from the machine gets bounced off the walls, to the user it can feel like it’s coming from somewhere else. This causes them to tire more easily.

The same considerations should be applied to lighting. Harsh, bright lights can be off-putting, so opt for slightly dimmed lighting. This will enhance the appeal of the gaming machine’s lights, and will create a more relaxed setting for gamers.

Another key element of fruit machine placement is seating. While it is not the norm for seating to be provided, by doing so you are encouraging users to spend more time gaming. You can even purchase ergonomically designed seats that won’t cut off circulation, so people can sit comfortably for long periods of time.

Fruit Machine Placement Rules

While there are many tricks to help you maximise the exposure and profitability of your fruit machine, there are various legal considerations to bear in mind. Firstly, fruit machines must be placed in a position where they can be supervised at all times by members of staff. This is to ensure under-18s do not play on Category C machines. Ideally, somewhere close to the bar is best.

Secondly, fruit machines should not be positioned next to cash machines. If you have a cash machine on the premises, make sure there is sufficient distance between the two machines. By considering these legal requirements when deciding on fruit machine placement, you can ensure profitability and legal compliance in the long run.

Extra Tips to Make More Money with TVC Leisure’s Fruit Machines

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