St Patrick’s Day Promotion Ideas for Pubs

This year St Patrick’s Day (17th March) falls on a Tuesday. Some pub owners will choose to embrace the festival throughout the week, whereas others might choose to focus on either the preceding or following weekend. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to embrace this time of year and celebrate all things Irish with our five ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Your Pub.

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Fruit Machine History | TVC Leisure

Most pub-goers have tried their luck on the fruit machine at one time or another, maybe without giving it much though. But you might be curious to know where these gaming machines came from. What did vintage fruit machines look like, and who thought of the ‘nudges’ and ‘hold’ features? Well, the history of today’s fruit machine is a story about chewing gum, free beer, and legal loopholes.

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How to Arrange a Pub Pool League

Pub owners that hire pool tables will know that this game is still as popular as ever. Hosting regular pool games as part of a pool league in a pub is an effective way of supplementing your usual business as a pub owner.

In addition to inviting new patrons in for games on a regular basis, you’ll inadvertently increase awareness regarding what your pub has to offer. This means you’ll end up getting more walk-ins on other occasions as word spreads. Find out how to go about getting involved in, or setting up, a pub pool league.

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