How To Get Better At Playing Pool

learn to get better at pool

Whether you’re a member of a pool league, or just a casual player looking for a little more competitive fun, there are plenty of ways to get better at playing pool. The worst thing about a game of pool is when you end up chasing the black around the table for an hour. So, here are a few easy ways to get better at pool and maybe actually win a game or two!

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TVC Supports Winnersh Social Club

With the Royal Wedding coming up, we’ve been hard at work supplying pubs and clubs with the digital entertainment they need to satisfy their patrons on the big weekend. Our most recent installation was in Winnersh, where a local Social Club reached out for our help.

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How To Spot Fruit Machine Cheaters

Busy pub with fruit machine cheats

Fruit machines are pretty sophisticated these days. They are specifically designed so they can’t be “gamed” and are rigorously tested to be tamper-proof. However, there are always people out there who think they can rip off a fruit machine, at the cost to your venue.

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New Gaming Machines Come to a Woodford Social Club

TVC Leisure were recently instructed to supply gaming and amusement machines in to a Members Social Club in Woodford London.

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5 Ways Small Hotels Can Boost Their Revenue

The hospitality sector is a competitive place to be these days, especially for small hotels. With the rise of AirBnb and similar players moving into the market in recent years, hotels need to do more to remain competitive. Here are 5 easy ways for small hotels to boost their revenue and provide a better experience at the same time.

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